Thursday, March 5, 2009

Moonflower Canyon Petroglyphs

The Moonflower Canyon Petroglyph site is an easy to visit small site on Kane Creek Road about 2.3 miles west of the 500 West junction in Moab in southeast Utah.

Kane Creek Road runs along the south side of the Colorado River and leads to several 4WD trails in a very rocky and scenic area.

It is one of about seven publicized and easy to find Rock Art sites in the Moab area. There are many more rock art sites that are not publicized. There is a campground at the same site. The site is marred by recent graffiti but features Mountain Sheep and Deer figures and one Barrier style elongated humanoid figure.
Another Moab area site that has the interesting Barrier style is the Courthouse Wash site just south of the entrance to Arches National Park
Just to the left of the main petroglyph panel is a crack in the rock with logs arranged to aid climbing. This is explained as a technique used in ancient times to aid access to higher areas.

There is another smaller petroglyph site about 1.2 miles further west along Kane Creek Road that is easily missed traveling west but noticeable when returning east.

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