Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Moab Golf Course Petroglyphs

The Moab Golf Course Petroglyphs are one of about seven easy to visit rock art sites in the area. The site is one mile east on Spanish Trail Road, leading toward the golf course, and then 0.5 miles on Westwater drive past a small traffic circle. This site has some large figures that are sometimes referred to as Moab Man. This site is somewhat suburban compared to other rock art sites, with a nice housing area and the lush green golf course nearby.

I saw several groups of dirt bikes gearing up for a ride in the beautiful rock wilderness in the area. If you drive past the site, the road ends after a short distance at a 4WD road.
The golf course site is on the southeast side of Moab away from the Colorado River area where several of the other rock art sites are located. Across the valley to the west is the Moab Rims area, where there are rough trails and fabulous rock formations.

The panel is about 30 feet high and 90 feet long. Toward the right end is a group of figures that resembles a team of reindeer pulling a sleigh.

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