Saturday, August 30, 2008

Turret Arch Trail

The Turret Arch Trail is a side loop of the Windows Loop Trail in Arches National Park in southeast Utah. The Windows Section is a popular stop and is a place with wide views of a number of large arches in a compact area.

The short trail offers easy steps up to the large opening with the turret like formation to the left. As this is a side trail there may be a tendency to view the arch from a distance and go to the North and South Windows, but there are some good views of the surrounding area in addition to the arch itself.

The Turret Arch appears to also be a double arch with a smaller opening to the left. There is a short primitive trail that allows you to get up under the span of the large arch. From the Turret Arch the North and South Window appear as "The Spectacles" with a large nose formation in between.

The back side of Turret Arch is accessible and from here you can view The Spectacles framed through the Turret Arch.

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